Biohazard Glass Bongs

Biohazard glass bongs are some of the best quality waterpipes in the world. They're made from superior borosilicate glass and are available in a range of styles all designed to deliver the ultimate smoking experience.

Biohazard waterpipes come jam packets with cool extra features including percolators of all sorts. They use extra thick glass to make their bongs extra tough and prone to damage. If you're a clumsy smoker you'll know how valuable this is!

What's more is that even though Biohazard glass are very much high end bongs they don't come with the outrageous price tags that you'll find elsewhere with other brands. To get your BioHazard bong today just click the link below to enter the headshop where you'll find dozens of beautifully crafted, top notch glass water pipes from Biohazard.



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